French-Korean Joint Call on Artificial Intelligence


Two projects have been awarded funding within the French-Korean Call on Artificial Intelligence. Each funded project will receive €50,000 from the French side to develop new research partnership of a potentially high value.

10 applications were received and the two projects awarded funding within the call are:

Project title French Affiliation Coordinator Korean Affiliation Coordinator
AI Optical Metasurface Design and Optimization CNRS – CRHEA Mr Patrice GENEVET POSTECH Mr RHO Junsuk
Glioma tumor detection and grade identification using AI (GLITAI) University of Poitiers Mr Rémy GUILLEVIN Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) Mr CHOI Seung-hong

For any questions concerning the call results, please contact:

Attaché for scientific and academic cooperation
Cooperation and Cultural Action Department
+82 2317 8530
Embassy of France in Republic of Korea

Scope of the call

The National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), on behalf of the Korean Government and the Embassy of France in Korea, on behalf of the French Government, are announcing a call for joint research activities in the artificial intelligence field. The call will support eligible expenses (please see below) for research collaboration activities between researchers in the two countries. Each party will cover expenditures for their respective country’s team or teams according to its own rules.

Applicants from both sides are to submit coordinated applications to their respective countries. The required documents may differ depending on countries.

Who can apply for and receive funding?

Recognized researchers at Korean institute/organization eligible under Article 14, Section 1 of Basic Sciences Promotion Act may apply.

Researchers affiliated to French higher education institutions, or research organizations linked to French higher education are eligible to apply.

Call launch and structure

The call will be launched on April 8th 2019 by NRF and the Embassy of France in Korea. The proposed activities should initiate on September 1st 2019 and carry on until August 31st 2020.

The aim of the call is to give researchers an opportunity to strengthen the existing bilateral cooperation or to explore new research partnerships of a potentially high value. Principal investigators (PI) will ensure that each country provides balanced contributions and scientific inputs.

Eligible partners are invited to present joint proposals in artificial intelligence area, including proposals regarding AI’s ethics, in order to address technological, economic and social challenges. Projects submitted in other research fields will not be considered for evaluation. Each principal investigator (PI) can submit only one proposal, and PIs from Korea and France should apply to their respective countries. The selection of two joint projects will be finalized according to the evaluation results and agreement between Korea and France.


Funding conditions and eligibility criteria may vary in Korea and France.
The main aspects of the funding criteria are:

The maximum funding for all Korean partners in an application is 65,000,000 KRW including overhead per project.
Please refer to the Korean website for further information.

The maximum funding for all French partners in an application is 50,000 EUR per project.

Evaluation criteria

The applicant must have identified one or more foreign partners from a scientifically/technically recognized institution in the partner country. The applicant and the foreign partner(s) must be recognized scientists or research experts in the relevant field of research and the project must be endorsed by their respective institutions.

The assessment of applications will be based on the following non-prioritized criteria:

  1. Scientific excellence of the project:
    • The scientific quality, clarity and focus of the activities.
    • The originality and innovativeness of the proposal.
    • The feasibility of the activities (adequate resources, work plan, time schedule).
  2. Scientific excellence of the partners:
    • The scientific track record and level of excellence of the applicant and the partner country’s partner(s) as well as institutions involved in the project.
  3. Added value for both partner institutions:
    • The scientific benefit for both partner institutions.
    • Added value for the French-Korean research cooperation.
  4. Potential impact and expected results:
    • The exploitation and dissemination of the results.
    • Added value in addressing scientific/societal challenges.
    • Overall impact of the project.

For France:

  • The active participation of early career researchers, especially PhD and post-docs.

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of an overall assessment of the above-mentioned criteria and the consistence with the purpose of this call.

Selection Procedure

NRF and the Ministry of Science and ICT will coordinate the scientific evaluation of eligible projects.

The Delegation for European and International Affairs (DAEI – Délégation aux Affaires Européennes et Internationales) in the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI – Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation) will coordinate the scientific evaluation of eligible projects.

Management of the program

  • Project’s duration is one (1) year.
  • The program will only support the expenses between the two countries of affiliation of the grantees.
  • Any other expenses must be covered by the laboratories or other incomes.

Eligible expenses for France:

  • Funding allocated through this scheme takes in charge:
    • Equipment and material expenses;
    • Flights and per diem between France and Korea;
    • Organization of workshops;
    • Consumables.
  • The eligible expenses do not include staff expenses.

Eligible expenses for Korea:

Eligible expenses are specified under Article 12, Section 5 of Regulations on the Management, etc. of National Research and Development Projects.

Intellectual property

 Project managers are responsible for making all the necessary arrangements regarding IP management.

Project monitoring

A final report is required no later than three months after the end of the projects. This report is to be sent to the NRF and the French Embassy within this deadline. For Korea, the final report should be submitted within 45 days after the end of the projects for evaluation, and revised version of this report reflecting the evaluation results is required no later than three months after the end of the projects.

It is requested that all publications resulting from the project supported by this program mention the support provided by National Research Foundation, French Ministries for Europe and Foreign Affairs and of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Deadline for Submission

 May 10th 2019

Contacts details

Eunjeong Yang,
American & European Affairs,
Center for International Affairs,
National Research Foundation of Korea
+82 2 3460 5618

Attaché for scientific and academic cooperation
Cooperation and Cultural Action Department
+82 2317 8530
Embassy of France in Republic of Korea

Application modalities

  • Call opening: April 8th 2019.
  • Application deadline: May 10th 2019.
  • Announcement of final results: Last week of August 2019.
  • Start of funded activities: September 1st 2019.
  • Useful links: NRFEmbassy of France.

Researchers in Korea should submit their applications according to the NRF call and domestic regulations. NRF operates the ERND system and researchers should log in and submit his/her application to this on-line system.

Researchers in France should submit their applications through this website after downloading and completing the application form.

Submit your application

*Do not submit more than one application.