A promising young sailor Edmond Dantes has ahead a wedding with beautiful Mercedes, but is falsely accused and arrested because of the slander and conspiracy constructed by Mondego who desires Mercedes, Danglars who wishes to become a captain of the ship and Villefort who has ambition in politics.

Because of such conspiracy, Edmond’s rosy life is at once turned into a nightmare and he is confined in Château d’If, a notorious prison island for 14 years. During the confinement, he plans to escape from Château d’If with the help of Priest Faria by digging a underground tunnel.

Priest Faria becomes Edmond’s mentor and teaches him philosophy, foreign languages, math, politics, swordsmanship and etc. He also informs Edmond about the secrets of jewels in Monte Cristo Island. Priest Faria dies because of the wound he got in process of the escape, leaving the last words that hatred and revenge will ultimately destroy Edmond’s life. Edmond dramatically succeeds in escaping from the prison island and also finds the Island of Monte Cristo and it jewels. With all the sudden wealth, he changes his position into ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ and decides to lead a new life.

With determination to revenge to people who took away his life, Edmond plans an elaborate revenge and approaches naturally to the high society of French aristocrats. He destroys the lives of his bitter enemy one by one.


Du 19 novembre 2016 au 12 février 2017


Chungmu Arts Center