Christine Daee sells music scores in glamorous streets of Paris, while singing songs in her clear and beautiful voice. Count Philippe de Chandon, who is enchanted by her charms, proposes that she go and get music lessons from Opera Theater’s manager Gérard Carrière. But Carrière is fired overnight by Alain Cholet his wife and diva Carlotta, who took on the position by bribing. When Cholet and Carlotta introduce themselves, a note for them falls from above. People whisper that it is done by Phantom, and while Carriere warns Cholet about the rules that Phantom suggested, he ignores them. Christine, who visits the Opera Theater because of Count Chandon’s suggestion, encounters with Carlotta who takes the lead roles for herself using her power despite her awful singing. Christine fails to get the chance for lessons and is hired as the assistant dresser for Carlotta. Meanwhile, Erik, who has gift for music but lives in Opera Theater’s underground lair in order to get away from people while hiding his face with a mask, lives in agony because of diva Carlotta’s dreadful singing. While he lives in darkness and solitude, one day he listens to the singing of beautiful Christine, who has heavenly voice and pure soul by chance. Erik is enamored by her. He decides to make her the new diva of the Opera Theater and helps her to display her best performance by giving her secret lessons every night. With Erik’s help, Christine is endowed with the best capacity but her debut performance turns to be a failure by a wicked scheme of Carlotta, who is captivated by jealousy. Erik, enraged by this, revenges on Carlotta in a dreadful way. The police in turn conduct a search for his secret hideout in Opera Theater. Christine becomes aware of Erik’s tragic past and hidden truths while hiding with Erik in his lair…


Du 26 novembre 2016 au 26 février 2017


294, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul