Driver model identification for ADAS/AD functions’ development (~6 months Internship in France)

With more than 10 million vehicles sold a year in 200 countries, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors Alliance represents the largest automotive group in the world. In the next decade, the automotive industry will face more changes than in the last 50 years. Electrical, connected, autonomous, our vehicles are becoming high technologies embedded objects.

AD/ADAS Systems are already and will continue to be high stake influencers in automotive world. In this context, we propose you to contribute to this new adventure by joining our embedded SW department for an internship. Our department is in charge of developing these new key systems as well as the connexion between them and the driver.

Driver model identification for ADAS/AD functions’ development (~6 months internship)


System Identification and Control

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist System), AD (Autonomous Driving), Automotive

Artificial Intelligence

Your mission :  

Depending on the duration of the internship, you could work on the following subjects.

  • State of the art study for driver models for automotive applications
  • State of the art of system identification methods (physical models, physical-free model like Neural Network…)
  • Functional analysis of driver model for ADAS/AD simulation and controller development, especially for AES (Advance Evasive Steering)
  • Proposition of representative driver models for studying the interaction between driver and AES function
  • Based on representative models, propose the models oriented for controller synthesis and then propose novel controller taking into account the driver model

You will have the opportunity to perform real measurements and experimental validation on Renault car. 

Expected results :

  • Monthly technical reports (in word or powerpoint)
  • Final thesis with theoretical and validation results
  • Driver models coded in matlab/simulink (preference) or in C/C++

What you will learn :

Driver model is of great interest not only for AES but also for other ADAS/AD functions’ research and development. A representative driver model would solve many problems:

  • Controllability study: The controllability study is in general realized directly in vehicle which is quite time consuming because experienced driver must evaluate a great number of conflicting scenarios with ADAS/AD functions. A good driver model helps do first steps in simulation and lighten the work with real vehicle (i.e reduce the number of tested scenarios).
  • Development and validation of shared control strategies between ADAS/AD functions and Driver: Realistic driver models are profitable for algorithms’ development and validation. They help reduce time for algorithms tunning/validation on vehicle and perform complicated tests which is not always easy to realize.

Who are you :

You are a Korean student preparing a scientific or engineering degree in a university with good background in mechatronics, data processing and optimization, and programming (C/C++, Matlab/Simulink).
Experience with vehicle dynamics modeling and control is a plus.
Interested in the automotive industry, willing to contribute to the future of the automobile, you like to take initiatives/are proactive and you have good communication skills.
You are motivated to work in an international environment and willing to discover France culture and ways of working
You have good proficiency in English (writing and speaking // 750 Toeic score minimum) and French can be a +
Driving license can be a +


Internship allowance will be supported depending on diploma prepared (Bachelor, Master or PHD)
50% support of public transport card
Access to Company cafeteria with special price, and to company services

Interested in this internship? Want to contribute to the future of Mobility?

Send your CV/resume and motivations to: